About Me

My name is Samantha Lee, and I'm a simple person. After years of creating merch and hosting events for my clients, I wanted a simpler way to make t-shirts. Life is complicated — why should our clothing be?

I knew my friends and fellow New Orleanians would love some fun, simple tees to show off our favorite things. So, I learned the tools of the trade and started making t-shirts inhouse.

And so, my clothing line was born. I named it Simpleesam, a combination of my name and my love for simple things.

My designs are meant for everyone who adores the spice of life without all the fuss. Whether you're a NOLA native or simply a fan of the New Orleans Saints or Pelicans, I've got a t-shirt for you.

Life should be simple and fun. That's my philosophy, and that's how I design my clothing.